Scholarship Chairman

The scholarship chairman seeks to create and maintain an environment conducive to scholastic achievement among members and pledges, and assists the chapter's officers in emphasizing academic priorities. He provides information on educational resources and assistance available to initiated and pledge brothers, including those available in the chapter, through the General Fraternity and the university campus. The scholarship chairman plans and conducts chapter education programs, including faculty discussions and chapter awards. He also serves as the chapter's liaison to the Sigma Chi Foundation. The scholarship chairman is also responsible for educating the entire chapter on the scholarships that are available to them through the Foundation.


Officer Responsibilities:


  • Cultivate a priority for learning and scholastic achievement among undergraduate brothers and pledges.

  • Work with the chapter’s faculty advisor to develop scholastic programs.

  • Understand the Governing Laws requirements concerning the academics of recruits, pledges, active brothers and the overall chapter.

  • Provide information regarding financial resources and assistance available from the chapter, campus and General Fraternity to the chapter's members.

  • Plan and conduct chapter educational programs, faculty discussions, chapter awards and campus-wide academic events.

  • Assist the Consul in keeping the chapter's brothers and pledges within the academic requirements of Sigma Chi and the university.

  • Make presentations to recruits that explain the scholastic requirements of Sigma Chi.

  • Meet with the pledge class during its first meeting to explain the academic requirements of the active chapter and the General Fraternity.

  • Assist the recruitment chairman and Magister in emphasizing academic priorities in the chapter recruitment and pledge programs. 

  • Maintain scholarship records for the chapter's membership.

  • Put together a scholarship committee.

  • Aid in the selection, development, and training of a successor. Help him to prepare a report on his activities during his time in office.

  • Develop a scholastic program for new members, with the help of the Magister.

  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi Oath of Initiation.