The Quaestor is the treasurer of the chapter. He is responsible for collecting and safeguarding all funds due to the chapter, as well as preparing the budget before the start of the chapter's fiscal year and presenting it to the chapter's executive committee, members and advisors for approval. He also provides monthly and semiannual financial reports to Headquarters, advisors and the chapter's Grand Praetor.

The Quaestor uses an approved bookeeping system to keep accurate records of all of the chapter's financial operations. He consistently reviews records and activities to ensure the chapter operates within its means. He sees that the chapter's financial obligations to the Fraternity and other creditors are met promptly, and he completes the chapter's federal and state tax returns and Social Security reports.

The Quaestor is responsible for ensuring the awareness and fulfillment of chapter and individual financial obligations throughout the chapter membership. He should attend Balfour LTW.

Officer Duties Include

  • As treasurer of the chapter, collect and preserve all monies due the chapter, and disburse money as the chapter needs and directs, consistent with the requirements of good business, sound fiscal procedure, Fraternity policy and chapter resources.
  • Prepare a budget before the start of the chapter fiscal year, present it to the executive committee and chapter advisor, and follow its provisions, ensuring that the chapter operates within its means.
  • Use a recognized bookkeeping system to record all chapter financial operations.
  • Ensure that all dues and fees owed the chapter and Fraternity by members and pledges are paid on time, and carry out specified enforcement procedures for overdue accounts.
  • Ensure that the chapter's financial obligations to the Fraternity, landlord, local merchants and others are properly met.
  • Provide Headquarters, the chapter advisor and the Grand Praetor with the specified monthly and semiannual reports, as well as a yearly budget.
  • Ensure that the required reports are provided to federal and state tax and Social Security officials.
  • Attend the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.
  • Maintain and enforce a chapter financial policy.
  • Suspend and expel financially delinquent members.
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi Oath of Initiation.