The publications of Sigma Chi keep our members and friends informed about a wide variety of topics.

Each of these publications is edited at Sigma Chi Fraternity Headquarters. From sharing stories about famous Sigs to guiding members through chapter processes, these publications will inform you about the ins and outs of the organization.

The Magazine of Sigma Chi


In April 1881, the first issue of the Fraternity's magazine, then called The Sigma Chi, rolled off the press in Gettysburg, Pa. Subscription rates were $1 per year, and by the time the second issue appeared in June 1881, 40 brothers were subscribers.

The Magazine Today

More than a century later The Magazine of Sigma Chi boasts more than 50,000 readers and is one of the most highly esteemed publications in the Greek-letter world, often collecting the most awards of any group at the annual Greek editors' conference. The Magazine is published four times a year and contains news and features to recognize, inform, educate and entertain members. It also serves as a report and record of the Fraternity's activities and programs to university and other Fraternity officials, families of members, and recruits.


Submission Deadlines

Submission deadlines for each quarterly issue are as follows:

  • Summer Issue — March 15
  • Fall Issue — May 1
  • Winter Issue — Sept. 15
  • Spring Issue — Nov. 29
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Sigma Chi Bulletin

The Sigma Chi Bulletin is the internal publication of the Fraternity and, though not secret, it is directed specifically to members. Usually published as a part of each issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi, it contains items of Fraternity business such as minutes of meetings, information on petitions for new active chapter charters, proposals for amendment of the Constitution and Statutes, and other information of interest to members. Established in 1887, The Bulletin is the oldest private, esoteric publication of a college fraternity in North America.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

The Standard Operating Procedures manual offers an extensive reference on Fraternity policies, procedures and rules and is an essential reference for all organization leaders, members, constituents and stakeholders. 

The manual is divided into the following sections: Introduction, Governing Laws, Mission and Vision, Policies and Positions, Awards and Scholarships, Resources, Forms and Index. Click here to download the 2010 Standard Operating Procedures manual.


Sigma Chi Preview

The Fraternity also reaches its members via the Internet through its online newsletter, Sigma Chi Preview. This monthly newsletter is used as a outlet for Fraternity information and it contains important deadline reminders and important dates to remember for undergraduates, alumni and volunteers. Preview is emailed to about 4,000 members per month.


Fraternity History

The Fraternity’s most recent historical publication is a volume comprised of biographical information about the seven Founders, entitled One in Heart and Purpose: The Founders and the Founding of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, which is based on the original manuscripts of 9th Grand Consul and 13th Grand Historian Joseph C. Nate, ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1890, and compiled and edited by 21st Grand Historian and Order of Constantine Sig Dr. William P. Fleming Jr., SAM HOUSTON 1965.

Over the years, the Fraternity published several historical volumes, most notably the History of Sigma Chi 18551895, which was authored by Nate. He also authored manuscripts of the Fraternity’s history up to 1915, but he passed away before they could be published. Following Nate’s volume of the Fraternity’s history was The History of Sigma Chi 19551980 by 62nd Grand Consul, 19th Grand Historian, Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig Douglas R. Carlson, MINNESOTA 1973. Fleming is currently working on The History of Sigma Chi 19802005.

There is also a book called the Centennial History of the Sigma Chi Fraternity 18551955 by 17th Grand Historian and Order of Constantine Sig Robert M. Collett, DENISON 1914, who wrote a fact-filled short-form version of the Fraternity’s history from that time period. It is the only published Sigma Chi history book that covers the years 18961954.