Pro Consul

The Pro Consul serves as vice president or chief operating officer of the chapter, and he works closely with the Consul in carrying out chapter operations. He is chairman of the chapter's executive committee, and directs the Post Initiation Training (P.I.T.) programs for each group of new initiates. The Pro Consul coordinates the work of the chapter committees and serves as their liaison between the chapter and executive committee.

The Pro Consul must be prepared to assume the duties of the Consul, should he be absent or unable to serve, and he must carry out other duties as the Consul requests.  He should attend Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.

Officer Duties Include

  • Assist the Consul in ensuring that chapter affairs and operations are conducted thoroughly and efficiently, that all chapter activities are carried out in the best manner possible, and that all members and pledges conduct themselves always in the best interests of the Fraternity and the chapter.
  • Assume the full responsibilities of the Consul's position in the Consul's absence or incapacity.
  • Preside over and administer the affairs of the chapter executive committee.
  • Direct and coordinate a P.I.T. program immediately following each Initiation.
  • Direct and coordinate the work of all chapter committees.
  • Keep himself constantly informed of chapter and Fraternity affairs and activities so as to advise the Consul and assist in the leadership of the chapter.
  • Carry out such other duties as the Consul may direct.
  • Train and assist his successor, and supervise a similar training program among all incoming and outgoing officers.
  • Attend Balfour Leadership Training Workshop.
  • Hold himself and every member of the Fraternity accountable to the Sigma Chi Oath of Initiation.