Horizons Facilitation

Horizons is Sigma Chi’s premier leadership development program. Taking place each summer in Snowbird, Utah, the program seeks to create values-based leaders that are changing the world. Horizons is fully-funded by the Sigma Chi Foundation, at no expense to either guides or the participants. The program is looking to expand and include an alumni-only session entitled Horizons Vistas to further reach more Sigma Chi brothers with the valuable lessons and journey of Horizons.

Time Commitment

Seven years; one week-long training session and one week-long guiding session every two years; two year follow-up and small group meeting


  • At least five years removed from undergraduate education;

  • Facilitation experience, not necessarily within Sigma Chi;

  • Familiarity with Sigma Chi Ritual, values, ethics and

  • Training at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop is a plus


  1. To provide facilitation services as a Horizons guide over seven years:

    1. Attend training session for new guides only (one week during the first year)

    2. Commit to facilitate three small groups (one week during the first year; one week during the third year; and one week during the fifth year)

    3. Facilitate post-session small group communication for two years (years one through three; years three through five; and years five through seven)

  2. To continue your role as a guide for each member of each small group for at least 2 years after their session, which shall at minimum include quarterly contact with small group members.

  3. To ensure all facilitator materials are up-to-date prior to guiding a new session

  4. To act as a positive role model by living Sigma Chi’s values and ideals in your everyday life

  5. To trust in and follow the Horizons process as laid out in the facilitator guide

  6. To respect the proprietary nature of the Horizons program and its curriculum by not sharing, distributing, or copying any of the exercises or material used before, during, and after your Horizons sessions

Indications of success

  • Increased participation in chapter, university, and community leadership roles of participants

  • Indications by participants in follow-up activities (surveys, interview, etc.) of a greater grasp of Sigma Chi values and instituting them in their everyday lives. Measurements may be gathered by the Horizons metrics task force and/or other fraternity resources

  • The identification of a mentor by the participants


Horizons is generously funded by the Sigma Chi Foundation.

Download a PDF of this information here.