Grand Praetor

The Grand Praetor, one for each province, is nominated by one or more delegates elected by the undergraduate chapters in the province, and elected to a two–year term by the Grand Chapter. Grand Praetors advise chapters in their respective provinces, maintain general knowledge of their condition, and endeavor to improve their standing in scholarship, morals and discipline. They are required to visit each chapter at least once a year, and to report their observations and recommendations in writing to the Executive Committee. They are empowered to enforce the Fraternity’s Governing Laws and Ritual in province chapters.

Grand Praetors appoint one or more chapter advisors for each chapter, review chapter reports and applications submitted to the General Fraternity and schedule a yearly conference of all undergraduate chapters in their province. They also ensure that each chapter administers the official pledge examination. The Grand Praetor reviews the academic average of men proposed for Initiation and ensures each man has met university and Sigma Chi requirements.

Each Grand Praetor appoints an undergraduate member from his province for representation in the Grand Council. The undergraduate chapters in each province nominate these undergraduate members.

The Grand Praetors are known officially as the “Praetorial College.” At each meeting of the Grand Chapter, they elect a chairman who is known as the Dean of the Praetorial College. The Grand Consul may appoint an assistant Grand Praetor in a province, with all of the powers of the Grand Praetor except voting membership in the Grand Council.

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