Chapter Balfour Award

The Balfour Award contains three levels of distinction: chapter, province and international. The process of conferring the different Balfour Awards is progressive, as an award winner progresses from one level to the next. 

Each chapter selects its own Chapter Balfour Award winner using the criteria that they feel results in the selection of their "most outstanding graduating senior." The chapter can recognize a brother who has graduated in December, or who will graduate after the spring or summer term. Either way, the selected brother must graduate in the current academic year. Each Chapter Balfour Award winner receives a plaque denoting his achievement.  Each chapter's winner is also eligible for the Province Balfour Award.

Recipients must be reported to International Headquarters by Feb. 17.

To report your winner, go to, login, and select “member reporting.” Click on the yellow “awards” button. The date and school year are automatically populated. Select the recipient from the drop-down menu and click “select.”  For a tutorial on how to do this, click here.

To view a list of award recipients, please click here.