The badge, a Sigma Chi cross of gold and of white and black enamel, contains two chains connecting the upper arms, crossed keys on the upper arm, an eagle’s head on its right arm, a scroll on its left arm, clasped hands and seven stars on the lower arm, and the Greek letters, ΣΧ, in the center. The symbols and borders are gold, with white background on each arm, and black background in the center.

Only initiated members of the Fraternity may wear the badge. When suitably dressed, members may wear the badge over the heart, on the left breast approximately midway between the waist and the neck. It is to be worn with the upper arm slanted slightly toward the left shoulder. It may be worn on a collared shirt, pullover sweater, or vest, but never on the lapel of a coat.

While only initiated members may wear the badge, coat of arms or Sigma Chi Greek letters, this regulation does not apply to such items as pins for sweethearts, wives or housemothers. Recognition pins are to be worn only in the upper corner of a coat lapel approximately one-half inch from each edge (and not in a buttonhole or near the lapel’s center).


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